Town acquires more property


SUMNER —The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday accepted the lone bid on tax-acquired property at 258 Barrows Road.

Heath Edwards’ bid of $3,740 would cover the back taxes, selectmen said. The Barrows Road property had no water or sewer and was about one-quarter acre.

The town had acquired another piece of property on Main Street, less than one-quarter acre and a house that is not usable in its present condition, Town Clerk Susan Runes told the board.

Selectmen discussed whether the property was large enough for a sand and salt shed, but board Chairman Mark Silber and Road Commissioner Jim Keach said it was not.

The board discussed at length the lack of information from the Fire Department on the need for a new firetruck. Selectmen agreed that a new pumper is needed, but they have no guidance on putting it on the budget.

The town truck fund has $97,000 and the town could self-finance the remainder of a $170,000 truck for two years, Runes said. The town would be out of debt before rising school costs caught up with them, she said.

Silber said the board would have to meet with Fire Chief Bob Stewart and see what he is looking at for used trucks. Silber said Stewart is only looking at new trucks and they run in the $190,000 range. Stewart will be asked to attend the next board meeting with firm details. Stewart will also be asked about giving out burn permits. People have been having trouble finding someone to issue a permit, said Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen Cyndy Norton.

The annual town meeting date has been changed from Aug. 9 to Aug. 2.

There is no legal Appeals Board at the moment, Norton said. At least three new members are required to have a board. Application can be made at the office.