Town continues to foreclose on properties with unpaid taxes


WILTON — The town has sent notice-of-foreclosure letters to approximately 33 property owners with tax liens stemming from unpaid 2007 taxes, Town Manager Rhonda Irish told Selectmen Tuesday. The owners have until April 1 to pay back taxes before the town proceeds with foreclosure.

Some of the nearly 70 property owners who owed taxes from 2007 have already responded to letters sent previously but a few have proven to be difficult to find, she said. Seven old accounts were sent to attorney Margot Joly to pursue as a final attempt to locate the owners. The Maine Municipal Association suggests the town make the final attempt to locate owners before proceeding with the foreclosures.

Two of the three largest commercial property owners have worked with Irish setting up a plan to pay their back taxes with some dating back to 2005.

The owner of the former Forster building on Depot Street owes the town $25,000 and needs to pay $18,000 to avoid foreclosure. The building is currently under Skyline Real Estate Services, which has agreed to pay $5,000 now and $1,500 a month until it’s paid off, she said.

If the owners of the Nichols Expo building on Weld Road, formerly Bass Shoe, paid all taxes bringing their account current, they would owe $148,000, less if they bring it up to 2007.

The amount needed to avoid foreclosure is $85,703 but they have worked out a payment plan with Irish and plan to pay $2,000 a month plus any extra revenues from the lease of the building for special shows and sales.

Selectmen agreed to send a foreclosure notice to owners of the Tannery on Route 2 in East Wilton who owe over $50,000, Irish said. The foreclosure notice was sent Wednesday to Wilton Tanning Co., care of Ken Bustin.

The property is up for sale and Bustin had indicated an inability to pay the taxes owed. To avoid foreclosure, the owners would need to pay $33,296 of the total $59,500 owed.

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