All Town Dinner features local, organic food


DENMARK — In what is becoming an annual tradition, the Denmark Arts Center ends the summer with the locally-sourced farm-to-table All Town Dinner at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5, at 50 West Main St.

The meal will feature organic produce from Patch Farms right here in Denmark, free-range meat from Black Mountain Farms in Sweden and various knick-knacks from Spice & Grain in Fryeburg. Adding to the dinner will be a slide show and presentation by Patch and Black Mountain Farms on the subject of “A Year in the Life of a Maine Farm.”

Jonny St. Laurent, “the Marquis de Lard,” will be the guest chef of honor. The menu will play to St. Laurent’s strengths while highlighting local foods and includes barbecue and local produce. St. Laurent is best remembered as the founder and driving force behind the legendary Uncle Billy’s Southside Bar-B-Que in Portland. Widely praised as the best barbecue joint in the state, Uncle Billys still drew the sort of praise that would turn Mario Batali’s cheeks red: One reviewer led with: “Never have I had barbecue like this. Not in Texas, not in Memphis, not in my dreams.”

Admission is $20 and includes a four course meal and wine tasting. Tickets for the All Town Dinner are available online, and at Bridgton Books in Bridgton.

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