Town drops code fee


OTISFIELD – The town has dropped a $10 code enforcement complaint fee because the number of frivolous complaints has dropped, Zak Horton, Otisfield’s code enforcement officer, said Thursday.

“The number of frivolous complaints has gone from many to zero,” Horton said Thursday. “Since the fee was applied, it’s done its job.”

However, Horton said the fee could be reinstated if frivolous complaints begin to increase.

Selectmen voted to drop the fee at a recent regular meeting after Horton made the suggestion to do so.

In January, selectmen had voted to authorize the fee after Horton suggested it would be a prudent practice for the town. Horton said then that he wanted to dissuade residents from filing complaints simply to annoy another resident, but he did not want to discourage valid complaints.

As part of their vote in January, selectmen said the fee would be refunded if action was taken on a complaint, but it would be kept by the town if the complaint was determined to be without merit.

“I just feel at this time that the fee served its purpose,” Horton said. “This town had a lot of frivolous complaints, and we were trying to calm them down. So we’re going to try it without the fee again.”