Town report dedicated to Jay High School


JAY — The annual town report is out, featuring a picture of a tiger with the word “Jay” underneath it on the cover. It is a photo of the stainless-steel tiger that hangs on the front of Jay High School, which was taken by Lisa Bryant and has the colors orange, black and white added to it.

“The cover of the town report this year reflects the last year as having a Jay High School,” according to the information in the book. “We thought it was appropriate to honor the school with a picture on the cover.”

Voters decided in January to consolidate the town’s school system with Regional School Unit 36 in the towns of Livermore and Livermore Falls. As of July 1, they become RSU 73.

Students have elected to call the high school Spruce Mountain High School, which will have a campus in Jay and in Livermore Falls, since both high schools are staying open next year. The mascot for the schools will be a phoenix and school colors are black, green and white.

“For generations students have graduated from Jay High School and now a new chapter begins,” the report states. “We wish the students and staff the very best.”

The report also contains the proposed warrant articles for the Tuesday, June 14, vote on the proposed budget and a “cheat sheet” so residents can decide at home how they would like to vote on ballot questions, then take the form with them to the polls.

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