Tragedy avoided at Canton dump


CANTON — Transfer Station attendant Jim Dyment said as he placed three shotgun shells on the table at the selectmen’s meeting Thursday night, “If these had not fallen out of the bag as I was lifting it into the compactor and had been crushed in the jaws, there is no telling what could have happened.”

“The shells were full of buckshot and not only myself but children or anyone who happened to be around would have been in danger,” Dyment said.

“Shotgun shells do not belong at the dump.”

Dyment, who took the job as attendant just over a month ago, received high praise from the board. Selectman Donny Hutchins said he was getting nothing but compliments on the way the transfer station had been looking lately. “You’ve been doing an excellent job,” Hutchins added.

“The people need to be educated as to what they can recycle,” Dyment said.

Town Administrative Assistant Kathy Hutchins said she would put a list in the Town Crier as to what could be recycled. “We get a lower price for dumping according to how much we recycle,” she said.


The board approved the following dates for clean up days. They will be on June 2, 5, 9 and 12.

Kathy Hutchins said a man who owned property in Canton wanted to use the Transfer Station. Board Chairman Scotty Kilbreth said only residents can use the dump and she said this was stated in an ordinance.

The board appointed Selectman Shane Gallant as the new fire chief who replaces Wayne Dube. Selectman Jackie Conant said in a telephone interview that Dube had served for several years as fire chief and has written many grants to get things for the department. He wrote the grant that got the new fire station after the 2003 flood.

Conant said, “He’s done a lot of good for the town and has been a well respected fire chief. We are glad that he plans to remain with the department.”

The board reviewed the scores for choosing an engineer for the design of the new dam on the outlet of Whitney Brook and chose Kleinschmidt Associates.

Kilbreth said that construction Manager Malcolm Ray said they would begin work this weekend on replacing the logs in the temporary dam, and Lake Anasagunticook water level should be at the summer level by May 15.

The board also approved having some sort of commemorative at the dam site to recognize major donors for the dam construction.

The town is seeking three people for the Zoning Board of Appeals. Chris Dailey has an appeal pending, but there are only two people on the board and Dailey is one of them. Kilbreth said the town needs at least five to serve on the board so his appeal can be heard. The town will be asking the Maine Municipal Association if the Zoning Board of Appeals can address administrative issues as well as land use issues.

Kilbreth said a letter would be written to the Victorian Villa concerning rags in the sewer. Sewer Manager Dave Madison sent pictures showing rags caught in the impellers. Kilbreth said two impellers may be damaged and the cost would be over $1,000. “This has been going on for years and the problem has not been solved,” Kilbreth said.

Hutchins said the Villa maintenance department intended to install a grinder that would solve the problem.