Some trails reopened on Mount Katahdin


MILLINOCKET, Maine (AP) — Baxter State Park officials say conditions on the hiking trails on the western slope of Mount Katahdin are now suitable for hiking.

Park officials said Tuesday they’ve opened the popular Abol and Hunt Trails, which provide hiking access to Baxter Peak from trailheads at Abol and Katahdin Stream Campgrounds. The 10-mile Traveler Loop Trail in the northern part of the park is also open.

Deputy Chief Ranger Stewart Guay says hiking trails on the north and east slopes of Katahdin remain closed due to snow and soft soil conditions. The closed trails include the Chimney Pond and Helon Taylor, and all trails out of Chimney Pond Campground.

Baxter Park has over 215 miles of hiking trail and most trails are now open to hikers.



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