Transfer station keeping three-day schedule


LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen voted Monday to make the interim hours at the transfer station permanent because of a lack of money. However, they asked Town Manager Jim Chaousis to look into opening a half-day Sunday after July 1 without increasing the total number of hours the station is open each week.

Selectman Bill Demaray said residents have told him they cannot get to the transfer station during its current hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

“Sunday was very convenient for a lot of people,” he said, referring to the previous schedule of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a half-day Sunday.

There is not enough money in the budget to cover going back to the regular schedule of 4½ days a week, Chaousis said. The part-time worker currently filling in does not want to work any more days, he said.

The regular hours were supposed to resume after transfer station attendant Fred Nadeau returned to work after a heart attack and surgery in December. After Nadeau recovered and his doctor approved him to come back to work in March, he was fired for cause, Chaousis said previously.

The select board had voted earlier this year to go to single-stream recycling as of July 1. The budget for fiscal 2010-11 only covers the station being open 24 hours a week, Chaousis said.

Resident Val Nichols said it seems like the town should get an operator willing to work the hours the townspeople want the station open.

It definitely seems like Nadeau, a man who did a good job for 14 years, was terminated because he objected to decreasing the hours and changing the service to the people, Nichols said.

In other business, Chaousis told the board that there will be no spring cleanup, including sand, this year due to lack of manpower. A highway worker retired earlier this year and the position won’t be filled.

The board also voted to renew a liquor license for the Riverview Pub. They asked owner Wes Bowen that any trash or debris from his patrons be cleaned up the next morning.

Bowen said that is being done.

Selectmen also voted to allow the Jay High School athletic department to use the tennis courts at the recreation field for the tennis team. Chaousis said he gave temporary approval until he could take the issue to the board.

The board also voted to support a resolution to uphold the enforcement of U.S. fair trade laws in relation to paper manufacturing and to hold the countries of China and Indonesia responsible for their unfair trade practices and illegal government subsidization

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