All about the trash


This is in response to the Sun Journal editorial, “Auburn wants first dibs on curbside trash,” March 25.

Come on, folks, who is really behind enforcing the city of Auburn’s Chapter 22, Health, Plumbing and Sanitation, Article 1: General? The editorial was right on: “It is a tradition,” to reduce, reuse and recycle. To have Auburn police officers go after anyone who removes usable items left out for trash pickup is undoubtedly a waste of taxpayer dollars. Their time would be better spent going after speeders and the common criminal. Right?

I do agree, however, that anyone who disturbs trash set out for collection, whether on a weekly basis or the once-a-year spring cleanup, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Picking up a large, plastic aircraft carrier a couple of months ago in Portland and giving it to a kid who just loved having it was a wonderful experience, as well as finding more than a dozen bicycles put out for spring cleanup week (those were delivered to kids in a low-rent housing project in Auburn). To see the looks on those kids’ faces and knowing the fun they will have riding about causes one to think about being arrested for doing a good turn.

Absolute humbug.

Doug Rogers, Auburn