No more troops for Iraq


Recently, we mourned the passing of a president from my era. A president who was judged corrupt for pardoning Richard Nixon, but history has proven his judgment to be what was best for our country.

Two years ago, Gerald Ford said President Bush should have never rushed to judgment and plunged us into this mess we call the Iraq War.

In this forum three years ago, when the death count of our young and finest reached 1,500 and Saddam Hussein was overthrown and captured, I wrote “we must leave and take care of our own.”

In this forum two years ago, when the Shiites and Sunnis were destroying Baghdad in a civil war and we lost 2,000, I wrote “bring our troops home, for Iraq is truly in a civil war and this war is no longer ours to defend.”

Now we celebrate the life of Ford and the premature deaths of 3,000 of our best and finest.

I just heard our sitting president will likely send 20,000 more troops to Iraq. If this happens, I appeal to everyone in Maine, our elected officials, and any real American patriot to stop this madman from sending more of our kids to die to obtain the kind of legacy and remembrance Ford has received.

Since 9/11 Bush has messed up so badly, we can’t let his misjudgment cost more American lives in Iraq. I pray I don’t write again at 4,000.

Al Pelletier, Norway