Trottier-Braun leading St. Dom's scoring charge into state title game


As St. Dom’s seeks to finish off an unbeaten season and win the school’s first field hockey state championship, it’s nice for the Saints to know that on their side is The Finisher.

Senior forward Hannah Trottier-Braun is leading the Saints’ loaded and high-powered offense with a state single-season record 58 goals this season.

“We know she’s the finisher,” junior Kylie Leavitt said. “Our goal is to get her the ball. We do all the work to get it up the field and we look for her. She always gets the job done, we know she does, and so we always give it to her.”

Heading into Saturday’s matchup with Winthrop in the Class C state championship, the Saints have outscored their opponents this season 140-7 while compiling a 17-0 record. That’s so prolific that it requires a calculator to know their per-game scoring average (it’s 8.2).

That type of output requires a concerted effort, with many players capable of putting the ball into the cage and able to set up their their teammates for goals with deft passes.

Trottier-Braun happens to be pacing the scoring charge in historic fashion.

Though nothing like this season, St. Dom’s coach Brian Kay says Trottier-Braun been putting the ball off the back of the cage since she started playing for the Saints.

“She’s a natural goal scorer,” Kay said.

While Trottier-Braun’s knack for scoring might come from within, as Kay says, and there is a certain amount of je ne sais quoi associated with it, it is also something she has been working on for more than a decade.

“I just kind of, I know where the net is, and I’ve been told that my stick and the ball are kind of just like a magnet to the net,” Trottier-Braun said after St. Dom’s defeated Spruce Mountain in the C South final Tuesday. “And it really is just timing and consistency and practice — a lot and a lot of practice. I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old.”

Leavitt, whom Kay calls the quarterback of the St. Dom’s offense, said Trottier-Braun’s positioning is key to her scoring.

“She’s always visible,” Leavitt said. “I do a lot of talking for the team, so I’m always setting people up, and they always find her. She’s always cutting around.”

How often Trottier-Braun scores is great, but even greater sometimes to Kay is when she scores. The goal from her career that sticks out most to him came in a previous season against Mountain Valley. In overtime, Trottier-Braun took the ball toward the goal and delivered the game-winner.

“When the money’s on the line, she’s there,” Kay said.

The state championship will be on the line Saturday at Falmouth High School when St. Dom’s and Winthrop meet. Trottier-Braun wouldn’t mind adding a state trophy to her state record.

“It’s really kind of, like, it’s hard to believe that I broke a state record. Like, it’s crazy,” Trottier-Braun said. “But it’s so exciting and it makes me so happy. And knowing that we’re going to states, it’s incredible.”

St. Dom’s Hannah Trottier-Braun (8) tracks down ahead of Dirigo’s Alyssa McTyre and St. Dom’s Paige Cote, back.