Truck with 48,000 pounds of Poland Spring water crashes in York


YORK (AP) — Maine State Police are cleaning up after a tractor trailer loaded with 48,000 pounds of Poland Spring water crashed on Interstate 95 south in York.

The driver, Francisco Reyes-Rodriquez of New Jersey, said he felt a mechanical issue with the vehicle when it went from the middle lane into the center guardrail and flipped on its side at about 2:50 a.m. Monday.

Reyes-Rodriquez suffered a minor cut on his head; a passenger in the sleeper berth wasn’t hurt.

Investigators determined the vehicle had no mechanical issues; they believe the cause of the crash was likely driver fatigue.

Reyes-Rodriquez was given a summons on log book violations.

Both the south- and north-bound passing lanes were expected to be closed for several hours while the tractor trailer and cargo are removed.