Truck enters Auburn house


AUBURN – A pickup truck carrying four teens crashed through the living room wall of a home on Route 4 Monday night, injuring one of them.

Ashley Bickford, 17, of 243 Buckfield Road in Turner, a passenger in the back seat of the 4-wheel-drive truck, was taken by United Ambulance to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center complaining of head pain, said Auburn police officer Chris Hatfield.

The driver, Raymond Bernier, 19, of 562 Lower St. in Turner, and passengers Leanne Bazinet, 18, of Eaton St., Lewiston, and Kevin O’Donnell, 17, of 562 Lower St., Turner, were not hurt, Hatfield said. Neither was the home owner.

Nancy Roy, 68, of 2449 Turner Road said she was in bed when she heard a “big” noise about 10:30 p.m.

Thinking it was her cat that knocked something over, Roy went into the living room to see what was up.

When she saw her shoes in the middle of the floor instead of by the door, she said she thought, “My cat couldn’t have done that.”

Then she saw the truck sticking through her living room wall.

“I don’t know where it came from,” she said, her voice shaking and full of emotion. “They go so fast through here.”

Her house sits three houses north of St. Phillips Church and has a well house on the lawn.

“I wish they hit the well instead of the house,” she said.

Initially, Roy was told to get out of her house, but after Auburn firefighters inspected the damage she was allowed to go back inside. Roy, who lives alone, was intent on staying in her house.

“The ceiling was fine,” she said. “They will board up the wall tonight.”

Auburn police Lt. Gary Boulet said the truck was traveling south bound when Bernier lost control due to speed and hit a small embankment at the beginning of the property before ramming through Roy’s living room wall.

Hatfield estimated damage to the house at approximately $25,000; and damage to the 2001 GMC truck, $15,000.