The true side of the MPA


Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald frequently demonizes the Maine People’s Alliance, as does Gov. Paul LePage from time to time. I want to set the record straight as to what MPA does.

Any reader who reads the list below will attest to the fact the MPA cares greatly for Mainers who have worked hard all their lives and for those currently in the workforce and the unemployed.

MPA is Maine’s largest community action organization, representing 32,000 members. It was created 30-plus years ago in Lewiston, and much of its work is done by volunteers.

I was introduced to the good work that MPA does when I was serving as mayor of Lewiston. Since then, I have been a member and, as a volunteer, continue to join in the organization’s efforts to better the lives of Maine people — in particular of Lewiston.

MPA advocates for:

• Enhanced Social Security benefits;

• health care as a human right;

• safe housing;

• protecting children from toxic chemicals;

• protecting the environment;

• protecting consumers from predatory lending;

• support of veterans;

• increasing the minimum wage;

• paid family medical leave and paid sick leave;

• tax fairness and closing corporate tax loopholes;

• support of small businesses;

• immigrant rights;

• clean elections and taking money out of politics.

Contrary to the biased views of Macdonald and LePage, it is clear that MPA works on issues in support of the majority of Maine’s population.

As a proud member and volunteer of MPA, I share the true side of the story.

Larry Gilbert Sr., Lewiston