Trump is a great president


I, for one, am so glad Donald Trump is president of this great country. He has restored my faith in the Constitution and in the greatness of America.

The tax cut will help my family immensely. What may be crumbs to millionaire Nancy Pelosi is a lot to working people like myself.

People no longer have to pay a penalty tax if they choose not to sign up for the Obamacare program.

Business is booming and the stock market is reaching an all-time high. Businesses are coming back to America.

President Trump receives warm welcomes whenever he travels overseas, and there is no bowing on his part. He is a great example of this country.

He gave up his billionaire lifestyle to work for the people, forgoing his salary, as most of his appointees do also.


Donald Trump is a true leader — a man who really cares for and about his country. He is real. He is America and I am proud to claim him as my president.

Mary Jane Newell, Oxford