Trump running off at the mouth


I get so tired of hearing Donald Trump trying to blame Russia and former President Obama for everything. Maybe if Trump stood on his own two feet, looked at today’s problems and answered a few questions, instead of golfing and putting the blame on everyone else, it would help.

If Trump keeps running his mouth off with nothing to back it up, he is going to bring Russia to its feet. He has to be crazy. He can’t go to other countries and tell them what to do. He knows nothing, and even says he knows nothing.

I have been saying from the start that, if Trump won, he would have the U.S. involved in World War III before his first year is up. We will all be gone. I had thought other officials would have taken the presidency away from him by now.

North Korea is threatening the U.S. with rockets and people here just listen to Trump run his mouth. He had better get off his butt and get things going.

What is going to happen when he is sitting in Trump paradise and saying “we could have won if Russia and President Obama had done something.”

Trump makes me sick. His wife should grab an estate and $100 billion of his money and find someone who won’t get her killed.

Freeman Lewis, South Paris