Trying to figure out parking lots


Several things have been bothering me about the parking lots in Lewiston. Why are the handicapped parking spaces at both the Pizza Hut and the Burger King on Lisbon Street the farthest from the entrance at these two stores?

I have a complaint about the way people drive in the parking lots of the malls and shopping centers, too. A lot of the drivers ignore the lanes in these lots. Several times I have been almost hit by a driver who has chosen not to use the aisles as designated, instead opting to cut diagonally across areas between parked cars. I guess this is to beat the other drivers to prove that the aisles are too slow for such an emergency as getting the biggest cucumber.

Another irritant is the driver who doesn’t need to stop at stop signs, either by turning between cars ahead of the sign, or simply going through them.

I wonder why those lines are painted on the parking lot? Are they so vehicles who straddle them can count them to the entrance and find the way back? And I’ve been using them as a guide to park between.

Until things change, I’ll be overly cautious, but I’ll still be courteous in spite of these. I’m a disabled veteran trying to figure out these parking lots.

James Gardner, Lewiston