Trying to help out


It is a sad world when you have a group of good young children who want to do something to help their community, such as clean up a park or side of the road, and they are told that due to their ages it is not safe enough to do so.

I am an officer of the Lewiston Auburn Young Marines, and those children want to do some community service the week of April vacation.

I have called the Lewiston Public Works Department and the Auburn Public Works Department. A Lewiston spokesperson told me that, due to the ages of the children, they did not have any work the children could do. I advised them we had eight or nine adult volunteer officers who would supervise the children. Then I was told that they were all booked up for help cleaning.

When I called Auburn, I was told they may not be willing to give us work due to the fact that they would have to give up a staff member to supervise due to liability.

All these children want is to help their community.

I understand the liability issue; we are all willing to sign waivers, and the adults would be there to do the supervision and take responsibility if anything did happen. The Young Marines have insurance, so if anything did happen, it would be covered.

The Young Marines are feeling extremely let down that no one wants their help.

Regina Merrick, Greene

Officer of Lewiston-Auburn Young Marines