Turner town meeting on Saturday


TURNER — Residents face a long warrant Saturday at the annual town meeting as well as a proposed budget that restores many cuts made during belt tightening last year.

Selectmen have recommended increasing the paving and construction budget from $200,000 in the current year to $360,000 next. The Budget Committee has recommended moving it to $425,000.

Roads that could see work: East Hebron, Fern, Bradford and School House Hill.

“We’re trying to come back to a point where some of the work we delayed we can undertake,” Town Manager Eva Leavitt said.

Turner’s current tax rate is $13.40 and its municipal budget is $2,092,215. Proposed municipal budgets for the next year range from $2.5 million based on department requests to $2.3 million recommended by selectmen.

Among the 77 articles:

• Whether to accept ownership of a gazebo being built with “Music for Mavis” funds that would sit near the Leavitt Institute. Leavitt said about $14,000 has been raised for the project and that it may or may not need $3,000 from the town as proposed in another warrant question.

• Raising up to $25,000 for an Accrued Absences Reserve. Leavitt said the funds would be used to both start a new sick leave pool and to buy out the sick days built up by longtime staffers who can accrue up to 960 hours and, after 20 years with the town, leave or retire with all of that paid out.

• Raising $12,000 for the Historic Building Reserve, funds to help pay for foundation work and roof repair on the 1831 Town House.

• Raising money for a handful of reserve funds: public works building ($45,000), fire equipment ($30,000), obsolete buildings ($10,000), rescue equipment ($36,000) and highway equipment ($125,000).

Residents will also be asked to accept Majestic Avenue as a town road, change an area of Route 4 from commercial to residential zoning and adopt a residential wind policy that includes capping turbine height at 80 feet.

The town meeting starts Saturday at 9 a.m. at Leavitt Area High School.

Voting for town officials takes place Friday from 1 to 7 p.m. at the town office. All of the races are uncontested.

Two people are running for two open selectmen’s seats: Incumbent Angelo Terreri and former Selectman Lawrence M. House. Both positions are for three years.

Two people are also running for two open school director seats: Incumbent Elizabeth Bullard and Mark Tanous. Those are also three-year terms.

Finally, two people are running for three, three-year seats on the Budget Committee: Incumbent Gregory Gilbert Sr. and Matthew Conklin. A write-in candidate will take the third seat.

Winners will be announced at town meeting.

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