Turner woman has courage to grow


TURNER – Melissa Ingalls, a resident of Turner, was a recipient of the Courage to Grow Award at the fourth annual ceremony held at Central Maine Community College on April 27.

The award is given to those who, for whatever reason, interrupted their education. Then, after a few years, they made an informed decision to go back to school, in spite of difficulties.

Ingalls family, of necessity, moved from place to place and soon Ingalls found herself enmeshed in classes where she could not cope and with schedules she could not keep. She dropped out.

This year, she decided it was time to turn her life around. She enrolled in the SAD 52 Adult Education GED program and finished it in record time.

At the awards ceremony, in the company of 15 other scholars, Ingalls was rewarded. SAD 52 Adult Education instructor Razell Ward said that the “20-year-old student had a check list of goals.” First in line was her GED diploma, then her driver’s license, then her enrollment at Central Maine Community College, where she plans to study Computer programming and technology.

One by one, she has checked off her goals, and in her spare time, while caring for her two young children, she has created a recipe book for her family.

Ward said, “I can’t wait to see what else Melissa will accomplish as she adds goals to her lists and checks them off so systemically.”