TV Preview still available for 25 cents, $1 month


DEAR SUN SPOTS: What happened to the TV Preview? First they stopped including it in the Saturday paper. Then we had to go down to the Sun Journal to pick it up, now they took off the box outside so we go inside — no more TV preview! We have to pay for it? It would have been nice if they had put a little article about discontinuing the TV Preview in the paper. I looked on your Web site and could not find it. Help me if you can. — Just Wondering

ANSWER: The TV Preview has not been discontinued; however, putting it out in the newspaper boxes did not work out as well as the Sun Journal had hoped, due to vandalism and people taking more than they needed. There are several ways you can get your TV Preview. For $1 a month you can have it conveniently delivered to your home, just as in the past. Or you can purchase individual copies for 25 cents at several locations around town.

The Sun Journal did try to notify customers with an ad on the back of the TV Preview for the last few weeks listing all the places that you can buy the Preview. They include all the offices for Sun Media as well as several local markets (Bootleggers, Breau Too, Canton Variety, Danny’s, Dad’s Place, Drouin’s Market, Fotter’s Market, Lakeside Convenience, Lisbon Getty Market, Lisbon Street News, Neighborhood Redemption, Round Pond Corner Store, Salem General Store, Sideline Variety, Victor News, Webb’s Market and Weld General Store).

You can also download the Preview for free from our Web site at and print it out. The link is at on the right-hand side, a few inches below the ads.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: What has happened to Plex Channel 43? There are movies advertised we’d like to see. It’s still listed in the TV Preview booklet we get from the Sun Journal. If you have an answer, that would be great! — Theresa Grant, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots isn’t sure what happened, but according to the Internet, Channel 43 on Lewiston’s Time Warner cable is the Inspiration channel. Are you perhaps looking for Channel 42, the Turner Classic Movie channel? As for the TV Preview booklet, printing schedules may not have allowed the change to be reflected immediately.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have reason to believe that our family members have Indian heritage. How would we verify this? Is there a state organization to contact? Any phone numbers or Web sites would be helpful, but preferably personal contact numbers or addresses. Thank you. — No Name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Have you already done the genealogical research to trace your ancestors? Sun Spots does not know of any organization that will do that for you. This is not a simple process. You will have to expend considerable effort tracing your ancestors to find a connection to a specific tribe.

Once you have located a Native American ancestor, there is information online telling you how to register as a member of a federally recognized tribe. Visit to get a feel for the process. Another site that might be helpful is, which offers a detailed explanation of the process.

If you are simply curious about your bloodlines and don’t necessarily want to “join” a tribe, you could have a DNA test done. Several famous African Americans have done this to trace their roots back to a specific tribal group in Africa. If that’s your interest, you might want to visit or for more information on what that process entails.

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