Two issues, same way to vote


While much of the media seem centered around those running for public office, there are other items on the June ballot that area residents need to consider.

First, is the repeal of LD 1495. Proponents say it will reduce personal income taxes and put more emphasis on tourists’ dollars. I would counter that it simply broadened the tax base without providing any relief, nor did it provide any cuts in an already bloated state government.

Tourism in Maine is, for the most part, a 90-day venture each summer and 60 days in winter. How taxing tourists more will make them want to come back defies all logic.

That is not tax reform but rather tax shifting and has provisions that allow legislators to bring back the old income tax rates without eliminating the new items taxed.

I will vote “yes” to repeal.

Also, there is an opportunity to build a casino in Lewiston. The backers will pay $150,000 for an option on the property and then will pay 10 percent more than appraised value to buy. The city could also gain as much as $1 million in casino revenue and $3 million in property taxes each year from the facility.

Casinos bring jobs and businesses that want to be near, such as hotels and restaurants — all paying taxes and supporting the local economy, and none are asking for TIFs or money.

Voters should support jobs and new businesses for Lewiston-Auburn and vote “yes” for the casino.

Robert Reed, Lewiston