Two men charged with sex crimes


RUMFORD – A Rumford man, five months out of prison and serving probation for drug trafficking, and a local tattoo artist were both arrested Tuesday and charged with committing two separate felony sex crimes.

David Paquette, 29, was charged with gross sexual assault and violation of probation following an investigation Tuesday by the area’s new domestic violence/sexual assault detective, Paul Casey.

Paquette failed to post bail of either $15,000 cash or $100,000 in real estate and was taken to Oxford County Jail in Paris.

Additionally, Rumford Probation and Parole Officer Michael Downs placed a probation hold on him. Paquette will be arraigned on March 15 in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris.

Casey said late Tuesday afternoon that a 19-year-old woman called Tuesday morning claiming she’d been sexually assaulted at a Falmouth Street residence in Rumford. He investigated, then called Paquette to the police station for an interview. Shortly afterward, Casey arrested Paquette, saying both he and the woman were acquaintances.

Detective Lt. Mark Cayer said Tuesday afternoon that police are accusing Paquette of having nonconsensual intercourse with the victim.

Downs said Paquette was released from state prison in August after serving two years of a four-year sentence on an unlawful drug trafficking conviction. He was sentenced to four years in prison, all but two suspended.

“He’s not a first-time offender. He’s a high-risk offender. He’s a borderline lifetime criminal,” Downs said early Tuesday evening by phone in Roxbury.

“This time, he lasted a whole five months before committing two serious violations. He was on probation when he got his first trafficking charge,” he added.

Before Tuesday’s arrest, Downs said Paquette was arrested and charged with providing a place for minors to consume alcohol. He served 10 days in Oxford County Jail this month before making bail within the past 48 hours, Downs said.

In the other case, Casey charged Adam Mazza, 36, of Dixfield, with unlawful sexual contact after investigating a Jan. 9 report by an 18-year-old woman who complained she had been sexually penetrated with a finger, Cayer said.

Mazza, a tattoo artist with a studio in Mexico and White Mountain Tattoo in Conway, N.H., posted bail of either $4,000 cash or $10,000 real estate at the Rumford police station and was released. He will be arraigned on March 15 in Oxford County Superior Court.

The arrests were Casey’s first sexually-based crime arrests since last month when Rumford Chief Stacy Carter named the former Rumford patrolman to the position. He was given statewide arrest powers by Maine’s attorney general.

“The domestic violence investigator position has worked extremely well since it started in December,” Carter stated late Tuesday afternoon in a report. “By working together with other agencies, (it) allows for us to make a difference in each community, and provide a better quality of life.”

In the same report, Casey stated that anyone with information or complaints of inappropriate conduct, should call their local police department.