Two prisoners face charges following offsite ‘rendezvous’


WARREN (AP) – Two inmates at the Bolduc Correctional Facility face charges after what the warden described as an offsite “rendezvous.”

The two men were arrested shortly before midnight Friday as they were leaving a home where they had visited a woman and possibly others for a “preplanned rendezvous,” Warden Jeffrey Merrill said.

Preliminary reports indicate sex was involved, and drug agents were doing a separate investigation, Merrill said.

Inmates Benjamin Schaab and Richard Maynard, who have no more than two years remaining on their robbery sentences, will be charged with escape, Merrill said. The woman, Tammera Arnold, was charged with aiding escape, he said.

Bolduc is a minimum security unit where prisoners are free on weekends and holidays to walk the grounds until midnight.