Two more storms stand between Central Maine and weekend warm-up


LEWISTON — There’s a chance of warmer weather for Central Maine near the end of week, but we may have to endure two more snowy storms before we get there.

“We are getting these weak systems developing along the edge of the cold and the warm air,” National Weather Service meteorologist James Brown said. “The warm air is trying to move in, and we think that’s going to happen later this week. We might even get into the 40s in a few areas.”

Brown said Central Maine and New Hampshire should expect another storm overnight Monday and into Tuesday morning, similar to the storm that dropped up to two inches on the Twin Cities Sunday morning.

“It looks like a fast-moving pattern, and this one looks like it won’t cause a lot of snow,” he said. “But there will likely be a little from each system, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. But not a big blockbuster like the storm that we just had.”

Sunday’s storm glanced off Central Maine from Lewiston east to New Hampshire, but left a significant amount farther northeast.

“It happened to miss our area for the most part, but it actually got the tip of Eastern Maine pretty good,” Brown said. “It was a big storm, but it was a little too far away to give us the snowfall in this area. But go Downeast, and it was a different story. There were some places reporting 15 to 20 inches down there.”


Early forecasts call for a similar result Tuesday morning.

“I’m not sure how much snow we’re looking at Tuesday, but it’s not a lot,” he said.

Meteorologists are watching another storm that could be headed this way Wednesday morning.

“It’s actually coming in later Wednesday and into Thursday, with some rain and mixed precipitation,” he said.

It should be replaced by a high-pressure system by Friday that could bring warmer temperatures. Brown said he wouldn’t be surprised to see 40-degree temperatures on Friday.

“We should see quite a few 40s, I think,” Brown said. “That should melt some of this snow.”

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