Two teens charged in entry at school


WILTON – Wilton police have charged two teenage boys with criminal trespass after they allegedly burglarized the Western Mountains Renaissance School earlier this month.

Police Chief Wayne Gallant said the boys, one 16 and the other 17, from Wilton and Livermore Falls, broke into the school on May 6 and took a video camera, ski boots, office supplies and other odds and ends. Before making off with the with the items, however, Gallant said the two apparently got “spooked.”

“They never went anywhere (with the items). Apparently they got scared and just ran off,” Gallant said.

They left some “evidence with identifiable markers” on the scene that, later that day, helped Officer Terry Warren track them down and “get some admissions” of their guilt, Gallant said.

Though they have been charged by Wilton police, their case has been turned over to a juvenile caseworker. The caseworker will decide what kind of sentence, if any, the boys receive.