Two true-blue conservatives


I can understand why Rick Bergeron in his letter to the editor of April 22 is upset with Sen. Snowe and Collins because he feels they are not conservative Republicans. The problem is that both senators have two sides to them: one side talks like a moderate Republican and the other side votes with the right-wing conservative Republicans.

For example, both senators voiced objections to the Republican-sponsored Medicare prescription law (written largely by the drug industry). But both quietly voted for it even though they knew it would be a mess (as Democrats predicted).

Also, both voiced objections to the Republican-sponsored 2001 income tax law because it heavily favored the wealthy. Yet, they quietly voted for it.

Since Snowe is running for re-election this year, I think the Republican leadership has given her a “pass” (an OK) to vote with Democrats as long as her vote is not critical, so she can appear to be a moderate Republican to Maine voters. When Sen. Collins is up for re-election, she will use the same strategy to appear to be a moderate Republican.

Mr. Bergeron should not have any fears. Sen. Snowe and Collins are true-blue conservatives and support right-wing Republican legislation.

Mr. Bergeron is not the only one deceived by Snowe and Collins. Most people and the news media have bought into the lie that they are moderates. I, too, was fooled until I started watching how they voted.

Leonard J. Bornstein, New Sharon