Ugly inspection sticker


Last year I was fortunate to find a great deal on my dream bike — a 2004 Bourget Bike Works (BBW) Black Jack Ace chopper. This bike was built by Roger Bourget of Arizona. At that time he produced approximately 500 bikes per year. This bike, new, would cost about $40,000; like I said, a good deal (I’m not rich).

My problem is: This bike is no longer in production and my exhaust pipes do not have an Environmental Protection Agency stamp on them. Also, this is a custom bike, so there is no exhaust system available. I would have to build my own exhaust, have it chromed, only to get a ticket for not having the EPA stamp.

So what now? Will I have to give up my dream bike because it could possibly cost me $500 in fines every time I ride?

I will agree that there are some bad apples out there who like to be heard when they ride, but I don’t agree with the EPA label, nor do I want to put an ugly inspection sticker on my chrome forks.

Also, I think that it would be discrimination against motorcycles in general. Our exhaust would fail with any aftermarket mufflers, but autos would be able to pass with after-market mufflers such as Magna Flow, Hooker Headers, Thrush, etc. That seems like discrimination to me.

Steve Camire, Biddeford