The ultimate snow day


As I walked down stairs for breakfast I heard my mom say “No school today snow day”. As a seventh grade student, I yelled out “Yes” because any things better than going to my school for six hours. As I ate breakfast I thought what I was going to do for a day of no school. What made this day especially good was today was a Friday. So including today I would have a three day weekend not including if Monday and the rest of next week were going to be snow days. All I knew was that I had the whole day to myself because I was an only child.

When I walked outside I got pelted in the face with a giant snowball. “Chris what are you doing here?”

“I came over because it’s a snow day and wanted to see if you’d go to the park because there’s going to be a big snowball fight”.

“Is James going to be there?” “I think so”.

“Good because I need to get revenge on him because last year he pegged me in the face with an ice ball he made in his freezer the day before.” I said devilishly. As Chris and I walked to the park I noticed not much was going on, which is typical for a small town like this. I noticed people where shoveling their driveways but the plows weren’t plowing. I wondered what was going on but at that instant I remembered hearing that the plows were broke down and couldn’t be repaired till next Saturday. By then I came to the conclusion in my mind that we wouldn’t have school till some time the week after next week. As Chris and I arrived at the park I saw James building his snowfort so he could have some protection during the snowball fight. I picked up a big hand full of snow, packed it into a ball and threw it. I watched it fly through the air and hit James’s face dead center. Chris and I started laughing in hysterics because it was just so funny how accurate my throw was. As James walked over I was thinking I was going to get another ice ball in the face.

“Let me guess revenge for last year” James said almost laughing

“Yup” I said laughing. Chris, James and I spent two hours building an impenetrable fort made out of packed snow with a layer of ice we made by spraying the outside of the fort with spray bottles. There was only one hour till the snowball fight so my friends and I started making snowballs. By the time the fight came around we had made at least 800 snowballs. The snow was good for making snowballs because it wasn’t to wet but it wasn’t fluffy.

As the snowball fight started Chris, James and I stayed in our fort and saved our snowballs till the end of the fight so we could win. Everyone else was making their snowballs right then and there because they didn’t get there early like my friends and I. They didn’t have forts either so they where unprotected unlike us in our fortress. I looked outside to see what was going and suddenly a snowball came whizzing by my head. I ducked back in quickly so I wouldn’t get hit. Then I picked up a snowball and got up looked outside brought my hand back and threw one of our snowballs we had made before the fight started. I watched it fly about 20 feet and nail a kid in the face.

“Nice shot” said Chris in astonishment. For me a 20 foot shot was easy. It was the 30-foot shots that were hard. Thru the coarse of the battle I thru about 10 more snowballs and the battle was coming to the end and most of the people that have been hit many times had left. I looked outside and the only people left was some eighth grader. James, Chris and I went outside our fort and started pelting the eighth graders with snowballs. They must have just run out because they threw four snowballs and retreated. After that James, Chris and I cheered because we won the snowball fight. Now we would have bragging rights for the next year. After the victory in the park Chris, James and I split up and went home because it was about 7:00 by that time. All in all, it was the ultimate snow day.