Don’t understand the word ‘no’


How many people get phone calls on a regular basis from telemarketers asking for money? I do, and some of them just don’t understand when you tell them “no.”

If I gave to everyone who called, I would be flat broke in no time.

They say “it’s only $15.” All well and good. But in the course of a month, 10 or more calls at “only $15” adds up. For a person who is retired, or a family trying to make ends meet, that adds up to $150 a month.

Yes, I feel sorry for people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. My own husband had major heart problems, but no one was there to say, “Here, let us help with your expenses.” Thank God for his caring and dedicated doctors who had the knowledge to keep him alive for a couple of extra years.

Yes, those funds do research. All well and good, but when I say “no,” they should say “thank you, anyway” and hang up. Why keep badgering me, saying, “It’s only so much”?

If and when I want to give, I will. Don’t beg me or argue with me about it.

When they call, they are all so happy and cheery; but when you say “no,” they change their tune real quick and you can hear anger in their voices.

I will give to a charity of my choice when I can and want to, not because someone badgered me to do so.

Donna Applegarth, Auburn