An unfair tax


Here we go again. I wonder what right elected officials think they have to single out a corporation’s product for increased taxes for the sole purpose of hurting its sales. I also wonder how is it legal to single out one group of people for increased taxation.

Maybe they think taking more money from smokers who have kids is just fine. Who cares if their kids have less for Christmas or birthdays, right?

Who cares anything about smokers’ kids going without because of the unfair tax. They are kids of smokers, so go ahead and take every penny from their parents and hurt their kids.

As high as all costs have risen and how it hurts everyone, how could anyone even suggest such a tax?

I also ask what right do officials have to tax a product so high that only the rich can afford that product?

Come the next election, I shall remember the name Rep. Elspeth Flemings, D-Bar Harbor.

Robert Hemingway, North Anson