In union, power


When God created this planet, he was very kind to the small nation of Iraq. Just like our state, Iraq has three major rivers, but no harsh winters, such as we have here. Because of its climate, Iraqis can grow two crops and produce all the food needed. The oil wells are the best in the world, so the economy should be excellent.

I believe that in union there is power, and if the Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis united, they could create a force that could evict every terrorist from their country. Their officials could also call for help from Jordan and Turkey on the borders, instead of the United States, which is so far away.

The U.S. has lost more than 3,000 of the best of its military – all young people in their prime. I think of the young widows, with children, who have to cope without husbands. And I remember the floods of last year, the hurricanes and tornadoes that wiped out homes and everything people owned. This nation must change course and start giving our own people the help they need.

Raoul Roy, Jay