Unsettled by WGME affiliation


I was disappointed and troubled to learn that the Sun Journal has an affiliation with WGME television. I stopped watching WGME news since Sinclair purchased the station and started offering a long editorial after the news. The station also allowed those Swift Boat ads that were intended to destroy John Kerry’s Vietnam War record. I have not watched CBS news since the unfair dismissal of Dan Rather and the departure of John Roberts.

Sinclair was recently fined by the FCC. I look at Sinclair as an extension of the Bush network – Fox News.

Time Warner offers many more commercials than Adelphia. It seems as if there are five minutes of programming, then six commercials; another five minutes of program, then another six commercials. I often turn away or push the mute button.

Perhaps, if Larry Gilbert is elected as mayor of Lewiston, he can work with the city council to find a new cable company. For years, I’ve seen Gilbert jogging before morning Mass. From his demeanor, stature and background, I believe he is a fine choice for mayor and would provide the leadership when controversies arise such as the impasse between Sinclair and Time Warner.

Joanna Walsh-Ward, Lewiston