Use proper terminology


Keeping up with “politically correct” issues, phrases and terminology is a daunting task. Just when I was getting used to “white privilege,” they spring “white supremacy” on us.

It is even more perplexing with the immigration issue, where “illegal aliens” have become “unauthorized immigrants,” and have now been lumped into the one-size-fits-all term “immigrants” — which includes legal and illegal, temporary and permanent and migrants, in general.

The use of the term “undocumented immigrants” may be fashionable and serve the interests of media, advocates and individuals, but it is wholly inaccurate.

Title 8 of the U.S. Code of Laws, “Aliens and Nationality,” lists definitions in §1101. You won’t find “undocumented immigrant” in there, or any other politically correct terms, such as, “unauthorized immigrants.” You will find “alien,” and other non-politically correct terms and definitions.

Any informative and productive discussion on any issue, in this case immigration, requires a common understanding of what you are talking about. For immigration, the distinction has to be made between legal and illegal, and permanent (green cards) and temporary (non-immigrant visas).

Robert Casimiro, Bridgton