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Its because it was set up as

Its because it was set up as an event, not a page. If you search the event you should be able to click 'attending' and have access to all the information. The reporter has the name correct.

A tough little boy with a

A tough little boy with a great big strong family <3
we love youuuuu.


This is absolutely ridiculous. The entire thing. A cemetery is no place for such arguement and disrespect. We have loved ones buried here - and we would have spoken up just the same if we felt they weren't being taken care of. A letter and petition are sublte docs requesting a change. The response back was horrific and unwarranted even if you disagree with what she's asking. I think its a beautiful cemetery... and i do disagree that the care is overlooked. This woman just wants her husband to have the best so who can fault her for that? Mow that plot, clean that stone. No matter what - Respect that persons resting place. - what if it were you're wife/husband/mom/dad/son/daughter? If ours were ever disrespected in this way you would face an army on that plot. guaranteed.