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is america really a great place

everyone who lives in the us are either immigrants or decedents of immigrants the only true Americans are the
Native Americans, who decided we can come to a "new" land and claim it as ours? just kick the Indians out and give them diseases. Nice country if u ask me. no different that any other country out there trying to invade another country to take it over. but in todays age the US would put its nose into it and create a war.

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call them up

why do u need to publish something to thank people who changed your life, why not call write email or visit them. I don't care and i bet there is at least one other person out there who doesn't care who helped u become the person u are. focus all this media attention u get and put in to the "teachings" you talk about.

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Is It your "mission"

Is It your mission in life no pun intended to be in the Lewiston Sun Journal the most of all time or at least be in it once a week?