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Whats the difference from insurance paying the tab or the government? None. Insurance companies, including Obamacare, don't care what the costs are. They pass it on to you in the form of higher premiums. All the while collecting their cut.

Do you think you would get unlimited calling and texting, with a free cell phone, at today's prices if we purchased the service from insurance monopolies or the government? Hell no. We'd still be stuck with bag phones from the 90's. Why should healthcare be any different?

Its time we took personal responsibility for our own healthcare. For one thing we should separated our healthcare from our employer. If we have to rely on insurance to access healthcare at least let us purchase it like we do car insurance. That may offer a bit of a incentive for insurance companies to bring down costs.

But the better solution is for us to pay for our every day healthcare directly and rely on catastrophic health insurance.

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Didn't You Love The Colorado Recall Vote?

I did.

COLORADO SPRINGS — Two Colorado Democrats who provided crucial support for a package of state gun laws were voted out of office on Tuesday in special elections seen as a test of whether swing-state voters would accept gun restrictions after mass shootings at a Colorado movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.

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Welcome to the Police State

Its getting so you cannot tell the difference between a soldier and the police. Are we really that dangerous?