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Can you say RECALL?

We need to get this person out of Augusta, he's out of control.

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Maine Turnpike Authority resistance, big surprise

When will there be enough of a public outcry for this agency to be dismantled? It seems that every few years there's another discovery, expensive business conventions, obscure budget items, gift cards. Enough already! Turn this over to the MDOT once and for all.

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the man is a loose cannon

Another ignorant statement by Mr. Lepage. First, his crude outburst at the media, then saying he would tell the President to "leave his state" and now the "go to hell" comment.

Whether you agree or disagree with O'Bama he is still the democratically elected President of our country and deserves the respect the office deserves. Furthermore, it's not "your" state Mr. LePage, it's "our" state.

You conduct proves you are not fit to be in office and certainly not an example I want for my children and grandchildren. Not only will I not vote for you I will also stop shopping at Marden's for as long as you're associated with that firm.

You're a disgrace.