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They broke what was fixed

I don't know why the state decided to parcel out these services when they had perfectly good ride providers from local agencies such as Community Concepts.
They ignored the first rule of life: "Don't fix what's not broken", because they thought it would save them money.
Now they find out not only does it not save them money, they're going to have to pay more to get the broken services fixed.

I'd say to dump the new agencies and go back to the old ones. At least they'd have some that actually work for the money.

Sorry it's come to this.

I'll miss reading the local area news, but I will get it elsewhere.

In case anyone's noticed, this is not the NY Times, nor the Wall St. Journal, both newspapers which charge for access to premium content, but they are substantially far better papers than this one.

There aren't many papers which haven't tried the pay route, but there are many which have notoriously, and they found to their dismay that readers do not pay for news that they can get elsewhere, sometimes for free.

This is an average, run of the mill paper, journalistically speaking, and it only carries the AP wire news and other short local stories. Not worth the money to get a subscription to the e-edition at all.

So you can play with the pay option and then find out that you lose more than you gain.

See you around. Sorry it came to this.


Obviously, when kids are truants, parents are the culprits.

But fining or penalizing the parents can have an obverse effect, by making them tell their kids that 'school is too hard, and it costs money to send you."

Of course that's not true, but if the parent is poor, fining them isn't going to improve the situation. You have to change the mindset of the parents to get any improvement.

Reform school is not a good idea, either. It just enforces the idea that school is a prison, and you're not going to learn anything being shoved down your throat. Kids aren't prisoners.

Taking kids away from the parents to put them into an overcrowded foster care system? Not a good idea either. There are hundreds of kids now on the waiting list for foster care.

Stopping dropouts would be great, if anyone could do it legally. I do believe that after the age of 16, school attendance is not mandatory.

All in all, you have to start with the parents-the kids are only getting the message from them that school isn't important. If the parents don't care, the kids certainly won't.