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DHHS & fraud

Let me see ... DHHS was "carefully & responsibly" managing the money of the people of Maine and of the United States by spending over $300,000 per unit to build subsidized apartments. This same state agency was "carefully & responsibly" managing who should and who should not receive assistance from the State of Maine.
When was the last time the words "What we ALL can AFFORD and what we ALL can NOT AFFORD" was part of this decision making process ?
- $ 40 of every $100 Maine spends each year comes from Washington D.C.
- for every $ 20 Mainers pay to D.C. ... $ 30 is sent back to Augusta
- Maine is thus a "welfare state" of the United States of America
- D.C. borrows $ 40 of $100 dollars the U.S. spends every year
- so ... $ 16 of every $ 100 Maine spends each year is BORROWED by D.C.
Yes, of course, we ALL can AFFORD "just a little" welfare fraud and "just a little" incompetence in Maine's DHHS and in all of the government of the State of Maine.
Yes, of course, let's spend money for what people "need" and "deserve" because they "want" for what some others have.

One Wallet - Five Governments

Keep up the "tax and spend" socialist pot stirring Sun Journal. Sick and dangerous ... not merely sad.
Maine Controller's office CAFR shows Maine spent $ 7.5 BILLION in 2012-2013. Also shows $3.1 BILLION came from D.C. ... only 41 % of every dollar spent by "Maine's" government.
D.C. had to borrow 40 cents (40 %) of every dollar those fools spent "for U.S. all". This means "our" U.S. government borrowed almost $1.3 BILLION just to pay Maine's bills over the last 12 months. I guess the Sun Journal and the other pro spending and debt fools in Maine thinks D.C. should borrow MORE from our grandchildren and their grandchildren to be spent in Maine this coming year and every year ahead.
And Maine is not "sharing" enough money with the 455 local governments in one of the ... poorest, most taxed ... states in our nation that has more government per capita and that all these "old and poor" Mainers have to support ... as does the Government of the United States with more spending and more debt every year.
We, in our nation, can't even afford to pay for more than 60 % of what our federal "government" costs each year. We, in Maine, can't even afford to pay for 60 % of what our state "government" costs each year. We, in our Androscoggin, cannot afford to pay what our county "government" wants to spend with money from each of our 14 municipal governments in our county. The people, in Auburn, can't afford to pay for what Auburn's two, municipal and school, "governments" want to spend each year.
Yes, the problem is not enough taxes and not enough spending paid from the ONE WALLET each taxpayer into the grasping claws of FIVE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENTS we all desperately need ? ! ? ! ?
Thank you Sun Journal for the endless tax and spend propaganda. This time blame Augusta or LePage for not enough state money. Next time blame Washington, the President or Congress, for not enough federal money. The time after that blame, the Mayor or Council or School Board, for not enough money. Ultimately you are always insulting and demanding more and more money and debt from "We the People".
It is no wonder most "news"papers are steadily failing all over Maine and all over the United States.

Those who don't vote don't count - figuratively and literally

61% of those who cared enough to vote one way or another ... against or for ... the school budget, voted to REJECT the school budget.
What the 84% who did not care enough to vote wanted matters no more than what the 95% wanted who did not care enough to vote in 2012.