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There is nothing in the

There is nothing in the reverends letter pushing religion or trying to prove or disprove anything. It is a letter about himself ,his past, his present. And what he is thankful for today. Maybe I had more to say about religion then he did. ? But we can all have an opinion now cant we? Nothing has been violated here as far as I can see.

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I work in a Lewiston school .

I work in a Lewiston school . All of Doug Taylors children came to this school when they were younger. It was obvious to me that they were being raised with very high expectations . They are well behaved and when they wernt the parents held them accountable. I have spoken to both parents and in my opinion there interest is in helping children make the right choices in life. There is nothing wrong with that. I have heard stories from children that come to my school about what is happening at the Jesus parties and I have heard nothing but good things. Kids look forward to going to gatherings and for some kids those gatherings are the only time they get the guidence they need. Is it a religous type teaching ? Sure it is. But whats wrong with that? I know a man who has been to Haiti to help in there disaster , works in a hospital today and is continueing his education to become an RN and he is raisng young children. I have much respect for this man. I have had several conversations with him in the past few years ,as he is always willing to explain things concerning his culture which is very different then mine. He said something to me one day that sticks in my mind everytime I read a post like this. He said There truly is only one God however there are many ways to worship ,none of which are the wrong way. AnywayI for one think any organization that tries to lead kids in the right direction is wonderful !