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Thanks Robert

And just think, I served on two guided missile cruisers for 30 months in Vietnam waters and still can't get it right. I like your church comment, I deserved it!

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Apples and Oranges, world dominance is not the issue.

The Middle East conflicts are individual countries involved in sectarian and religious wars. You separate them today and expend American lives in the process and they're back at it tomorrow and on and on and on. If Vietnam went up in flames again would you want to send your kids there to fight again? It's bad enough that we're one displaced missal from being up to our arm pits in N. Korea.
Easy to be an armchair warrior while sacrificing the lives of our next generation isn't it? If John McCain and his side kick had been elected that's exactly what would be happening.

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Guess what, Paul

Instead of Americans dying, they're killing each other. They've been killing each other for over 3,000 years and they haven't smartened up yet. If they want to fight until they obliterate each other, so be it but leave our kids out of it.