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Who's Come Forward?

Now you are printing the lie about LePage saying that BHO hates white people without the qualification that no one will let themselves be identified.. Has anyone that has said they heard this released their name?

I know media wants Michaud to win, but do they have to do it with outright lies?

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Governor's Alleged Comment

Do we have one person willing to have themselves identified as having Gov LePage actually say "Obama hates white people"? If he didn't say it why report it? His accuser should identify itself and present proof. None of this happened to my knowledge. What happened to verification ?

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Government Abuse

The ACA is clearly a bad law. So bad that POTUS is unilaterally breaking the law to postpone parts of it and to give out waivers to groups in order to avoid the very bad parts of the law. I believe that POTUS is breaking the law he swore to uphold. The law is the law until it is repealed or changed by due process. What do we call people who break the law and what do we do about it? We do not see or hear a peep from most of the media. WHY?

All this talk about a Government shut down. What we should be taking and acting on is the ACA law. If it is bad law; repeal it not break it. What kind of a country are we that we allow the President to break the law? Shutting down the government should not be used as a negotiating tool. We the people suffer for it.

Where is Right an Honor? Let's do it right instead of the way we are doing it now. What worries me is that there may not be enough good people left to fix our broken country. ROME WENT DOWN FOR THE SAME ACTIONS we see occurring here in our Country.