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You are correct

Spelling error. I can never spell his name right. It could be Freudian but I don't know. The House is the one to fund the process to send the children home. If it don't happen there it won't happen anywhere.



The news these days is so depressing even videos of cute puppies doesn't help. There is the nauseating sight of the mess in the Ukraine with shooting down a passenger airliner then desecrating the bodies of the victims and impeding the investigation along with Putin's conspiracy theories. Then there are the pictures of those poor children at the border being herded into camps and screamed at by right wingers. Then there is Gaza and 80 children and a hospital blown to bits with our weapons and talk of fuel and medicine embargoes and tunnels and burning a teen-ager alive. UGH. But then the world is heaping disgust on Putin and the terrorists as it should. Massachusetts has offered to harbor some of the children while they wait to be processed as they should and even Netanyahu is feeling some pressure internally and in the UN as he should. The silver lining is pretty thin but I guess it is there.


waiting to be sent back

Was my solution. They should be processed and returned but something needs to be done about those drug gangs in Central America that are providing the incentive for them to leave. If we can spend trillions arming Israel to the teeth we could do something about those guys. It would be a long term solution instead of going out and preventing buses from entering your town with a bunch of kids on them.