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Maine State Retirement

I guess George Fogg likes to make things personal to prove his point. My wife worked for 34 years at a salary below what she could have received in the private sector. She worked hard to get her Masters degree. She chose to work with children in our schools so she could help improve their lives. She pays for 55% of her health insurance.
How come Mr. Fogg has no complaint about any retired governor receiving 40% of their income as retirement after only 4 or 8 years and getting free health insurance.
I guess the best he can do to back up whatever his position is, is to indicate that people who have worked hard for their education, have been fortunate enough to get a decent job, who have worked many years at their chosen profession, and have been fortunate enough to save a few bucks - that these people should be chastised.
I don't know Mr. Fogg. I do not know what devine powers he has to judge other peoples lives.

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Mr. LePage has shown how disrespectful and uncaring he can be. He has said he would tell the President to go to hell. He has told the NAACP they could kiss his butt. And now he says he would "laugh at them, the idiots" when asked how he would react if people would have formed a chain around the mural. It is one thing for a governor or other politician to speak their mind, it is quite another to be disrespectful and to act so ignorantly towards those you are governing. Unless, of course, you are some overlord from a couple of centuries ago.

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Removal of mural

It was not the media that made this an issue. They only reported on what is happening in our state. It was Mr. LePage who created the issue for suggesting the removal of a mural that depicts the history of labor and business in Maine.
His actions and comments are making news across the country creating an image that will turn off those wishing to visit our beautiful state and suggesting that a labor force is not welcome here.