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And we just voted on what?

This isn't about money, it isn't about the kids, it isn't about parents and it isn't about the teachers, it's systemic it's about leadership and vision - rather, the lack of leadership and vision. I appreciate Mr.Websters work, he should be commended and thanked, but I think at this juncture our community needs a change at the top and this report card is his.

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While I think the

While I think the responsibility is ultimately the individuals responsibility to know where and what circumstances are legitimate for EBT card use, it's not unreasonable for the state to restrict EBT access at locations already not allowed.

I think the real story is why did the governor take so long to address something which is already illegal? Addressing welfare fraud has been the Governors priority since day one, but it has taken him three years to figure out ATM machines which can accept EBT cards at locations which are not allowed is sketchy... This seems odd considering his focus while in office.

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While there are certainly

While there are certainly people who cheat the system, and always will be, we have a system in place address that through our laws and enforcement.

While this new photo ID system might prevent some cheating, people who want to cheat will find ways around it, but for the vast majority of people with legitimate need who are disabled and not able to shop independently and rely on family or paid care givers for assistance with shopping, this will add new layers of cost for them and the system. It also remains to be seen if there might be ramifications from the USDA or possibly DOJ for denying access to a benefit.