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Ms. Davies, Their ONLY

You seem to have blinders on and/or just anti-Free enterprise and pro the nanny state and less self reliance. It's not mainly removing kids from their families but the fact of low morals and the bigger problem being the single family household. Take a few hours and walk around down town Lewiston and see first hand what is going on. Then go to an ATM machine near such as near a convenient store near the first of the month and watch the cash being removed by the Government issued cards and watch what the cash is spent on inside these "liquor" stores. There is over 40 billion $ in waste and fraud "yearly" in this particular entitlement program "alone". The real problem is "Big Government" with tax,tax,tax, & spend,spend,spend being directed by low information voters, and the rest of the "Progressives" on both sides of the aisle.

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His worst enemy

are the " Nanny State Progressives "!!

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Mr. Earley, narrow

minded individuals...???? With 50 million not paying any income tax and almost the same amount on SNAP TANF and etc....we have an entitlement problem. Many have free phones, large screen t.v.'s Xbox's and not to mention with over 42 Billion in entitlement waste yearly, we all have to have some recovery pain. My priority is my family, not free loaders that take from my family's table. My resources are very scarce. Self reliance should be the mantra of the day.