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Fact: The Governor's proposal caps COLAs at 2 percent.

This story contains a reporting error that deserves to be corrected. The Governor's proposed budget calls for lowering the cap on cost-of-living adjustments to 2 percent. The current cap is 4 percent.

Below is the language taken directly from the proposed budget, as well as the link to it:


This Part reduces the cap on cost-of-living increases on the retirement benefit for members of the State Employee and Teacher Retirement Program, the Judicial Retirement Program and the Legislative Retirement Program from 4% to 2% effective January 1, 2014. It also requires that retirement benefits for members of these retirement programs may not be adjusted in September 2011, September 2012 or September 2013. It requires the State Budget Officer to calculate the savings and transfer the amounts by financial order upon approval of the Governor.

Page L-46:

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Balancing it on their backs again

Doesn't look like the Sun Journal has even read the Governor's proposed state budget. He actually proposes balancing the state budget entirely on the backs of Maine's public workers and retired workers:

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How many is "too many"?

"setting the very narrow requirement that the photo ID must be issued by the secretary of state strips too many very real people of their constitutionally protected right to vote."

"Too many"?

That is an astonishing statement.

It's beyond belief that this newspaper would be support ANYONE being denied their right to vote.