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The dark sky is valuable

When guests visit us in the Downeast Lakes region, they always remark about the outrageously beautiful night sky. We have marveled at the Milky Way, watched many a meteor shower and the northern lights. We even witnessed the Shuttle Atlantis separate from the International Space Station in 2011. All this magic without so much as binoculars!

It's easy to ignore and undervalue the dark sky when you have had it all your life. But considering the pace at which mankind is growing and expanding, the dark night sky and undeveloped natural areas will only become more valuable. Let other states take their natural assets for granted. If Maine can hang on to hers, Maine tourism will be the mainstay of the economy forever!

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First Wind IS trashing Maine

Mr. Carter is correct on all points. First Wind's tactics include keeping their development plans a secret while they do everything necessary to get the local officials and landowners on board, complete their studies and prepare their applications. Then they spring it on the people who will be harmed.

Case in point: their newly disclosed Molunkus Project. This project will be in Medway and T1R6. That's on Rte 95 just one exit north of Lincoln. It will consist of 65 turbines. The Vestas V117 proposed is 570 feet tall.

This project will be visible from Salmon Stream Lake (one of Maine's "Scenic Resources of State or National Significance"). It boggles the mind why First Wind would select this site given that AAA reports that "Travelers are provided with a vista point that offers a view of Mt. Katahdin, the tallest peak in the state of Maine at 5,267 ft, along Interstate 95 near Salmon Stream Lake."

According to First Wind documents, the Molunkus project application is already being processed and enjoys "community support".

How about it people of Medway, has First Wind even informed you that they plan to desecrate your area with the tallest turbines in New England?

I didn't think so.

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Name names!

So who were the elected representatives who voted NOT to restore this right to the citizens?

There may be little we citizens can do at this point with regard to LD 616, but we can vote the scoundrels out of office.

Equally important, which representatives voted in favor of LD 616? Citizens of Maine should thank them for their morality and courage.