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Tat sands are so destructive

Tat sands are so destructive to the environment with very little return. TransCanada, the company that destroyed the boundary mountains with 44 wind turbines, that only produce 26% of its rated capacity is also in the business of tar sands, for the good of the people, right? Again, all this is about is greed and subsides from the government.
Non-violent protest is effective in getting the message out to the rest of the world, or in your own town. Good for you. There is nothing like empowering yourself by standing up for what you strongly believe in.

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Mr. Hall you need to do some

Mr. Hall you need to do some homework about wind power. Its not about global warming or saving the planet. Its about GREED, plain and simple. Wind power is very destructive with little pay back, except for the subsides and TIFs the LLC companies make. If you had been following the news and information a little closer you would realize the return on wind is minimal, around 20 to 30% of its rated capacity. That is a drop in the bucket for the amount of damage it does to the environment. Miles and miles of roads have been built,hundreds of wetlands have been destroyed, waterways filled with silt and sand, for what, a few megawatts or power? Your statement only shows how uniformed you really are about wind.

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I love our governor today. It

I love our governor today. It about time someone final spoke the truth about the Condor Expansion. It was always a WANT not a need and their EA and EIS documents were a joke, a high school student could have done better job of writing it. I know, I read them all. Maybe now the ANG will leave the state of Maine alone for good.